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Work Experience

Senior Back-end Developer

Hawkers Group. Madrid, Spain. From 2020-02.

I collaborate with the User Experience (UX) department developing an e-commerce mediator service based on GraphQL, converting queries and mutations to RESTful calls to the Open Commerce API (OCAPI) of Salesforce Commerce Cloud. That includes the implementation of some ad-hoc services and the expansion of functionalities using Firebase Firestore.

Technologies: JavaScript (NodeJS, Express & Apollo Server), Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL, Memorystore for Redis, App Engine & Firestore.

Technical Business Analyst

El Corte Ingles. Madrid, Spain. From 2012-09 to 2020-01.

I worked in the consolidation and analysis of data from multiple external sources to report to the E-commerce management. In the Digital Transformation Unit, I worked evaluating solutions for web analytics, indoor analytics, recommendation systems, and data analysis platforms. Finally, I collaborated with the Customer Department in monitoring the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the migration of the Teradata Customer database to SAP HANA, and the implementation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Technologies: Python (Flask, Pandas, NumPy & Jupyter), PostgreSQL, Teradata, SAP HANA & Google BigQuery.

Marketing Technologist

Havas Digital. Madrid, Spain. From 2008-02 to 2012-07.

Mediating between technology providers and the IT departments of our clients, I developed tailored services for the collection of campaign data and the tracking of user behavior, as well as its subsequent consolidation in the form of key performance indicators and interactive data visualization.

Technologies: C, Python (Django & Bottle), MongoDB, MySQL & Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Technical Specialist

Páginas Amarillas. Madrid, Spain. From 2005-01 to 2007-09.

I have worked for Paginas Amarillas, providing technical assistance and advice to developers on relational database technologies, data integration, semi-structured data indexing, web crawling, and search engines. Including the resolution of server performance problems and custom integration processes.

Technologies: C, Python (Django), Oracle Database, FAST Search & Transfer (AlltheWeb), & Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Database Developer

Cydima Software. Madrid, Spain. From 2001-05 to 2004-12.

I collaborated with our clients in the development of new and existing Oracle database applications. I designed and developed the ad generation & ad indexing applications for Páginas Amarillas from their initial planning and data collection stages.

Technologies: C, Oracle Pro*C, Oracle Database & Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Software Developer

Sema Group. Caracas, Venezuela. From 1999-05 to 2001-01.

At the Center of Excellence for Latin America, I have participated in the design, implementation, and maintenance of different insurance management systems. Building and updating C-based software, Oracle Database, and Oracle Developer Tools.

Technologies: C, Oracle Call Interface, Oracle Database & Oracle Developer.

Teaching assistant

Universidad Central de Venezuela. Caracas, Venezuela. From 1995-10 to 1998-10.

I have dictated practical classes to students of Probability Theory course (undergraduate level) and prepared the instructional material for these classes. Additionally, I worked as a C ++ programmer in the Laboratory of Mathematical Models of the School of Computing of this university, migrating an application for monitoring the transport of crude oil from an HP/UX environment to another based on Microsoft Windows NT.

Technologies: C++, Microsoft Windows, HP/UX & a propietary SCADA application.


Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS)

Universidad Central de Venezuela. Caracas, Venezuela. From 1993 to 1998.

Continuous Learning