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Lectura: «The Retail Champion» ―Clare Rayner

Fuente: <rayner.retail-champion_.bk.epub>

Step Nine: Planning and Controlling

Then we’ll take a look at the key planning elements that you should have in place. These will include:

A high-level business plan used to set direction and budgets ―this is your ‘destination’ and it will include:

A detailed operating plan used to manage the business on a daily basis, to keep an eye on cash, costs and sales performance. This is your ‘route’ to your destination, and will include:

The importance of planning


Lectura: «Administración de la Cadena de suministros» ―Sunil Chopra & Peter Meindl

Fuente: <chopra-et-al.administración-cadena-suministro__3ed.bk.pdf>


Análisis de datos

Oportunidades de optimización en Comercio electrónico (Ecommerce)

Glosario de términos

Weekly Sales and Stock Intake (WSSI)